Friday 17 July 2015

Summer Style Series: The Beach Outfit

One of my favourite parts of summer is visiting the beach and spending long relaxed days on the sand and in the sea. Although style is not top of my list of priorities at the beach (practicality and temperature are much more crucial), it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice it altogether!

 Sunglasses - Primark
Bikini - Next
Shorts - H&M
Cover up - Primark
Shoes - Shoe Zone*

For this outfit, I kept it relatively simple by wearing a plain black bikini and shorts, then throwing a white sheer cover up over the top. I think this looks really gorgeous, as you can see the outline of your body and undergarments slightly while maintaining decency if you're walking around the seafront. Primark has really impressed me with its summer collection, especially the beachwear section, which I'd really recommend checking out if you don't want to fork out a fortune for an item that UK weather only permits us to wear a couple of times a year!

To dress this outfit up a bit, I added some heels, as they just add a little touch extra to any outfit. I adore these strappy white heeled sandals* from Shoe Zone, and I think they'd look amazing with a tan! You just have to remember to take them off before sunbathing, as the tan lines they'd leave would certainly be interesting!

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