Tuesday 6 January 2015

Zara SS15 Favorites

Zara is by far one of my favourite high-street stores. My love for it began at a young age, when my Mum used to buy me clothes from their children's range whenever she went to Italy for work. Since then, a store has opened in my city centre. I make sure to pop in every time I walk past, and probably spend far too much time online lusting after their gorgeous clothes. I have compiled a short list of my favourite items from their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, complete with photos from zara.com and a short description of the item, the price, and why I like it.

Image 2 of BLAZER WITH ELBOW PATCHES from Zara  
 I love to smarten up my outfits by adding a blazer, but sometimes black seems a little too dressy. This blazer is perfect as an addition to a casual or smart outfit, and makes a nice change in a completely black & white outfit, as shown above.

I am a big fan of white shirts, and Zara's always seem to be the best quality. I love the addition of a contrasting peter-pan collar, it adds a cute and softer element to such a staple piece. This shirt reminded me a little of Blair Waldorf's style in Gossip Girl, all the more reason to include it in my favourites!

Image 3 of  from Zara  
Capes have been extremely popular this winter, and I never actually had the guts to purchase one due to the worry that my arms would get cold if they were holding anything outside the cape. However, this one is right up my street as it is black and white, and is part-cardigan so has arms to keep me warm, while still retaining the cape-like look. It also looks as if it could be reversible, which would be an added bonus!

Image 2 of JACQUARD PATTERN SHORTS from Zara  
As it gets warmer, I always look for ways to adapt my outfits to the weather. I find it difficult to get shorts which I absolutely adore, as they often don't fit right or look too ragged for my own personal style. These shorts look quite loose, so I won't be self-conscious about my thighs, and also look very classy and sophisticated. I can imagine myself being able to wear these in the day and to an important event, which is very appealing to someone who is trying to simplify their wardrobe!

Image 2 of SOFT SLIPPER from Zara  
I have been searching for some smart flats for a while now; my shoe collection mainly consists of ankle boots and stilettos! I love "brogue" style shoes but whenever I have tried some on they have always made my feet look wide. These shoes however, look quite delicate and narrow while still being structured. I will definitely be trying these on next time I am in Zara!

That was just a small selection of the items I am already loving from this season's Zara collection, and I have no doubt I will be tempted to purchase some/all of them (I promise I am trying to simplify my wardrobe and save money! Promise!)


  1. Love this Zara edit, especially that blanket cape its gorgeous!

    Laura Elizabeth xx

    1. Thank you so much for commenting! It's absolutely lovely isn't it?! x

  2. Zara is one of my favorite high-street stores too. I always buy my collar shirts there. :)

    -Emy :)

    1. They're the best! Just had a quick look at your blog and followed your Bloglovin' :) x