Sunday 4 January 2015

Afternoon Tea Date (Waterloo Tea, Cardiff)

Today I went on a date with my lovely boyfriend Owen to Waterloo Tea for Afternoon Tea. This is one of my favourite places to go in Cardiff as it has an amazing selection of teas and cakes paired with a friendly atmosphere. We love to go for Afternoon Tea as it feels more special and romantic than just going out for coffee & cake.

Blazer - River Island
Top - H&M
Coated jeans - Topshop
My outfit was again extremely black and white. I got these coated black jeans from Topshop for Christmas and I absolutely adore them! They look slightly smarter than my usual black faded jeans but also bring an edgy tone to the outfit.

This was my excited face about going to my favourite teahouse...

...and this is my gorgeous boyfriend.

The amount of food we had was insane due to a slight mix-up with our booking a few days previously which caused us to re-arrange, so we had extra sandwiches (which we had already demolished before this photograph) and truffles which was very nice of them! I picked the Meghalaya Autumn tea which I would strongly recommend to anyone. The finger sandwiches were a selection of chicken, cheese, beef & roasted vegetable and were all delicious.

You can pick a slice of whichever cake you fancy on entering the teahouse. I chose Banana & Date whereas Owen opted for Lemon & Lime. Of course, I ended up trying both as I stole a bit of his to taste too! We also had two absolutely delicious soft chocolate truffles, which may have been my favourite part of the entire selection.

We ended with a classic scone with clotted cream & jam, another one of my favourite foods (as you can tell, I have quite the sweet tooth).

Overall, I had a lovely time; the Afternoon Tea was brilliant as it always is, and the company was also obviously fantastic. We had a lovely relaxed few hours, eating our way through the delicious food and having extremely stimulating conversation as we always do (we can't spend a day together without getting into a discussion about politics/current affairs/something equally pretentious). I would recommend Waterloo Tea to anyone living in or visiting Cardiff, and I'm sure we will be returning again very soon!


  1. Firstly thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! :) It made my day! And secondly cute post! I recently visited Waterloo Tea for a bloggers event and it was amazing! The food?!! It was out of this world! Glad you liked the cake as much as I did! :)
    LeviJade xx

    1. No problem, and thank you so much for returning the favour! It is an incredible place, especially the cake - glad you agreed!
      - Jodie x

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