Friday 21 August 2015

Morocco: Holiday Outfit #5 (City)

We decided to take a break from relaxing by the pool and travel into the heart of Marrakech to discover the city, the locals and the customs. The tour guide we were allocated only spoke French and Arabic, which although wasn't a problem for me as a French student, my family couldn't understand a word he was saying! Luckily he had a friend who spoke English, who bounced up to meet us with a huge grin on his face, which was the same expression we saw all day on the faces of the locals who met us.

Firstly we took a walk around the streets of the Medina, and saw hundreds of tiny businesses retailing out of rooms smaller than my bedroom, which felt extremely humbling to me about how lucky I am in life. I thought it was amazing how many languages each sign was translated into!

We visited a large house belonging to somebody very important, however I didn't listen to the tour guide much because I was too busy being absolutely captivated by the amazing mosaics and gardens!

The architecture was absolutely stunning. These rooms were made for the house owner's 24 wives. Yes, you heard me, 24! Although it is not common now, Moroccan men used to have a reputation of polygamy.

One thing I was VERY happy about was the amount of cats strolling around! As a self confessed future cat lady, I couldn't help but stroke them and make them follow me around. Unfortunately many of these cats looked extremely underfed, which was another reminder that despite the amazing architecture produced by the richest in Moroccan society, most people don't live that way and have next to nothing.

We saw a similar picture when we visited the Souks (markets) but I didn't take my camera along with me. The streets were very cramped with thousands of stalls overflowing with goods which weren't being sold, despite every shopkeeper's attempt to pounce on us! The locals were extremely friendly and smiley despite their situation, calling me "pretty" and saying I had "nice eyes", and they all make do with what they have in life.

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  1. Morocco looks so beautiful! I love the pattern on your pants :)

    Sarah |