Friday 14 August 2015

Morocco: Holiday Outfit #3 (Tennis)

The resort we stayed at in Morocco had two amazing clay tennis courts, which nobody was playing on because it was far too hot (45 degrees Celcius!) My brother is absolutely tennis crazy, so we decided to wake up early every day to play tennis before the heat became too unbearable.

I've never really mentioned a lot about my fitness & health on this blog (let me know in the comments if you want me to feature it more!) but tennis is one of my favourite sports because I love the competitive element and I find it too fun to class it as exercise, even though it is really good for your whole body! My brother plays tennis competitively and trains pretty much every day, but I mostly just play for fun aside from the odd club championship and when I get roped in to play for the ladies team by my coach.

Although it is not the most important thing to consider when doing sport, I think what you wear has a huge impact psychologically on how well you perform, because if you feel confident then you'll be more outgoing with your shots and running because you won't be worrying about how you look. Pink is one of my favourite colours and since my tennis trainers are pink, I usually like to co-ordinate the rest of my outfit with this. My trainers are by Asics and I absolutely love them for the support and bounce they give my feet, my top is by Karrimor and my shorts are by Puma. I buy my activewear from a range of shops, but if you're looking for a bargain then I would recommend SportsDirect as they stock last season sportswear which is still just as functional but without the huge pricetag.

Please do let me know if fitness & health posts is something you would like me to feature on my blog, as it is actually a huge part of my life which I hardly ever mention!

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