Tuesday 18 August 2015

Morocco: Holiday Outfit #4 (Pool)

My days in Morocco were mostly spent by the pool, purely because it was too hot to do anything else and I kept having to jump in to cool myself down! It was definitely a holiday more focused on relaxing than exploring the actual country, but I have had my fair share of those holidays and really just needed some time to chill out after a stressful year.

Primark is definitely my go-to place for beachwear as I'll probably only wear it once a year while on holiday so I don't need to invest in good quality, long lasting pieces. I picked up a gorgeous paisley triangle bikini and layered it with a sheer beach cover-up with the cutest pom poms, then slipped on my navy flip flops.

I love french plaits while I'm on holiday because they keep my hair out of the way while looking adorable. My hair bleaches in the sun so this is a great way to expose all of it to the sun so there's not a huge difference between the layers.

This was the building our rooms were in. I really loved how the hotel blended its design with the country's traditional buildings, and terracotta is such a beautiful colour!

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  1. This place is looking awesome.Yeah ,I also agree that morocco is a hot place and spending your day in the pool is not surprising .Well,enjoy the holiday's .Good luck.

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