Tuesday 25 August 2015

LUSH Summer Product Launch

I recently attended a product launch at the LUSH store in Cardiff, to hear all about their new products, watch some impressive demonstrations, have a good old sniff around (literally), and generally have a fun night with some other local bloggers!

Our first stop was the bath bombs, where we saw a beautiful night sky created by the Intergalactic bath bomb. It turned the water a beautiful turquoise blue with pink and yellow specks, and smelt divine too!

The Experimenter was a very exciting bath bomb to watch doing it's thing. It fizzed up as soon as it hit the water, producing intensely rainbow coloured foam before calming down into smooth colours melting into one another.

Karma has been one of my all-time favourite LUSH scents since my mum bought me a perfume stick years ago and I absolutely swore by it, wearing it every day (my first ever signature scent!) so you can imagine my delight when I realised it was also a bubble bar which also looks like a very mystic pyramid! It smelt just like I always remembered and produced a gorgeous deep purple colour water and lots of bubbles.

Bubble bars are probably my favourite product from LUSH (other than the miracle face masks), because they colour the water just like bath bombs but ALSO create lots of puffy bubbles AND last for more than one bath! I'd split one bubble bar over two or three baths, making them fantastic value for money. All you have to do is throw one in under running water and watch it go!

My favourite product of the night, which I also decided to purchase, was the pink flamingo bubble bar. It comes on a stick and is a lot denser than the other bubble bars, so it lasts a lot longer. This particular one smells exactly like strawberry jelly and turns the water a lovely bubblegum pink. It was only £5.95 and apparently lasts for 7+ baths, so is definitely worth the money!

 My favourite part of the night was when two of the lovely girls working at LUSH decided to make a "bath cocktail" where they combined the Sunnyside bubblebar and the Big Blue bath bomb, to create a mixture they call "mermaid hair". All you do is start the bubblebar off under running tap water, and then throw in a bath bomb when the bath is about half-full!

The end result was absolutely breathtaking and literally looked like a mermaid's hair swishing and swirling around in the water. This cocktail is definitely ideal if you fancy treating yourself to a truly extravagant bath!

Shower jellies are a product I have always been intrigued about but have never actually tried out. We were shown quite a few and the scents were all lovely, although I'm still not sure of how practical they'd be in the shower after seeing how slippery they get! The texture is smooth and feels gorgeous on the skin, and how can you not love them when you can wobble them around for hours of endless fun?!

This was just a small peek into the wonders to be discovered in the LUSH Cardiff store, both old and new. We were also shown an amazing new skincare range for hands and feet but as I was testing the products on my hands I didn't want to touch my camera! Thank you so much to LUSH for inviting me to another event, I always have so much fun and come home wanting to buy literally everything in store!

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  1. Looks like so much fun, the experimenter looks amazing !!