Tuesday 2 June 2015

May Favourites

May has been an insanely busy month full of exams and birthday celebrations, but somehow I've managed to get through it with limited mental breakdowns! I haven't really been very focused on trying out new products as I simply haven't had time to, so this is a slightly smaller favourites post than usual. 

My first favourite has been The Body Book by Cameron Diaz. I have had this for a while but never actually sat down to read it, so as soon as I finished my last exam before half term I decided to give myself a break and read it cover to cover. In my past I have had quite a lot of problems with food and my self-esteem, but I'm not going to go into detail as it's in the past and staying there. However, reading this book really opened my eyes to look at nutrition and my body in a completely different way, and has definitely given me a healthier and more positive outlook. I'd really recommend this book if you've ever had any problems with self-esteem, but also if you want to make healthy changes as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. It teaches you to love your body the way it is and treat it right for its optimum performance in everyday life to make you look and feel your best.
Secondly, I was lucky enough to receive the Nike Air Max Thea Trainers as a birthday present from my parents. I actually already own a pair of trainers which I use for running and tennis, but as I literally walk EVERYWHERE my feet often get completely wrecked by whatever "sensible" shoes I have decided to wear. So, I decided to be one of those girls who wears trainers with everything. I have especially liked pairing them with black workout leggings and a baggy top, as I can pretend I'm going to the gym and being super active afterwards whereas I am in fact just heading home to lounge on my sofa in my super comfy outfit. It's so much nicer to actually be comfortable going about my day-to-day life!
I've been changing up my skincare routine a little and experimenting with new products in anticipation for summer. One face mask which I have been loving is the Yes to Tomatoes Clearing Face Mask. It has a really nice consistency and leaves my skin feel deeply cleansed and a lot calmer and clearer than before using it. 
As you may know, I am absolutely obsessed with lip balms and I probably have one in every bag and coat pocket I own. Obviously I couldn't resist picking up the limited edition Honey Vaseline, especially as I am a huge fan of honey! Keeping my lips hydrated is such an important part of my daily routine because they really stand out as a feature on my face being so naturally large and red. I also am really into lipstick, which always looks a million times better if you apply it over smooth, soft lips.
I've been trying really hard to get into nail polishes during May, as I am an avid nail-biter when it comes to stress and so exam season is the absolute worst! I picked up two adorable shades from the Rimmer collection by Rita Ora, in Bestival Blue and Go Wilderness. I find that wearing cute nail polish really helps remind me not to bite my nails, because I never want to ruin it!
Lastly, as I take A Level French I have been sneaking extra revision into my relaxing time (my mum sometimes forces me to stop revising) by reading The Fault in Our Stars, but in French! As I have already read this book it's super easy to understand and I just have to concentrate on comprehending the sentence structures and grammar rather than the entire storyline. I'd really recommend doing this if you study a language or just want to brush up on old skills, or learn something new!

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  1. I love that you are reading The Fault in Our Stars in french! I never excelled in a language so I doubt I'd ever be able to do that but it's such a great idea for anyone who is studying a language. I also love the look of the Cameron Diaz book, so I may just go and pick that one up!

    Amour Tabitha