Friday 12 June 2015

#JORDwatch: Effortless Style for Men & Women

I've never included men's fashion on my blog before, but when JORD watches contacted me to ask whether I wanted to review one of their beautifully crafted wooden watches, one of the first things I noticed about their collection was the fact that they cater perfectly to both genders, with some watches being very simple and unisex and some with a bit more sparkle for people like me who can't resist a bit of added glam. JORD very kindly sent me two watches, one for women and one for men, so I could show off how adorable they look as a pair (if you want to be that couple who wear matching accessories!)

Ely Series - Cherry ($129)
For the men's watch, my favourite had to be this as I thought the Cherry wood was absolutely stunning. It adds another dimension to the wooden watch as it is such a deep, gorgeous colour. This watch is perfect to pair with burgundy jeans, as I did in the photoshoot, but would also look amazing with a plain black suit, adding a touch of laid-back, effortless style.

 Cora Series - Maple & Silver ($275)
Typically me, for the women's watch my eyes were drawn to something simple and bright with a little bit of sparkle. The pale Maple is very understated and blends into my skintone rather than standing out and clashing with an outfit, so it is perfect for everyday wear with anything. The face is studded with Swarovski crystals every 5 minutes, and there is a small aperture where you can see through to the mechanics of the watch, which I found extremely fascinating and kept getting distracted by just watching the ticking.

Both watches do not require batteries and can also be sized perfectly to your wrist courtesy of JORD, which means they sit in the perfect position without sliding around.

We had a fun, laid-back afternoon drinking coffee and playing cards. For me, these lovely wooden watches are perfect for those casual days when you're just spending time with loved ones or relaxing by yourself. They're not flashy or in-your-face like many watches these days, but instead rely on some sort of effortless, down-to-earth quality which makes them stylish without trying too hard.

The watches come with full instructions on how they work and a cute mini cushion for them to rest on, all encased in a beautifully made wooden box which is impressive in itself, even before you see the extremely detailed and neat watches!

I absolutely love the everyday effortless style of JORD watches, and whether on their own or in a pair, they make a beautiful addition to any outfit and also look adorable to mix/match with somebody else! These watches will definitely become a staple accessory in your collection, as well as being handy to keep time and make sure you don't (or do) waste away afternoons being lazy like us!

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