Friday 5 June 2015

May in Photos

May has been a complete whirlwind, starting with my birthday and then going into a bit of an existential crisis and then onto my AS exams. However, among all the stress I have managed to have a really nice month. I had an amazing birthday and my two best friends made it really special by spending the day with me which really meant a lot, and I went out for a stunning meal at Moksh in Cardiff Bay with my family. I was super nervous about my AS exams because I thought I hadn't done enough work, but they ended up going even better than I could have hoped (with the exception of maths...) I've been trying to make some healthier changes in my lifestyle just to make me feel better in myself and more alive, which has been going well. I'm really looking forward to the summer when I can give myself a bit of downtime and relaxation time as well as doing lots of fun things with my friends and family.

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