Tuesday 23 June 2015

Garlands Eatery & Coffee Shop in Duke Street Arcade

I managed to persuade my mum, a self-confessed workaholic, to take a morning off and spend some quality time over breakfast with me (my favourite meal of the day). We chose to go to Garlands Eatery & Coffee Shop, located in Duke Street Arcade in Cardiff, as I had been lusting over their breakfast menu for quite some time.

Stepping into Duke Street Arcade and then Garlands itself straight off one of the main roads of Cardiff's bustling city centre felt like stepping back in time. We were met with a predominantly wooden interior with just the right amount of wear to make the place feel homely and lived in. They had a fantastic variety of cakes on display which I very almost decided to order instead of breakfast, but the call of the pancakes was far too strong for me to resist.

I chose the blueberry pancakes with greek yoghurt because it literally sounded like me on a plate, and my mum opted for eggs royale. We have always been the exact opposite with our food choices; I have an extreme sweet tooth whereas my mum goes for savoury every time without doubt. Let me know in the comments below whether you prefer sweet or savoury!
This is a slightly bold statement but I think these pancakes may have been the best I have ever tasted, and believe me I have eaten a lot of pancakes in my time. My mum said her eggs royale was amazing too, which I think is quite the compliment as she rarely orders anything else when out for breakfast. We both washed our food down with a black coffee, and I have to say that the coffee blend really does live up to the standard of the rest of the experience!

As you can tell by our clean plates and empty mugs, we really enjoyed our breakfast at Garlands! It's very rare that you find somewhere which has it all; delicious food, great coffee, friendly staff, and a welcoming atmosphere. I'm sure I will be returning to Garlands very soon, and probably dragging everyone I know along with me!

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  1. Oh this place looks absolutely delightful! Really lovely write -up too by the waytheYou should go back and do a post on the cakes! 😍

  2. The food looks so delicious! I would like to go there once!


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