Friday 8 May 2015

Day to Night: Black Stiletto Ankle Boots

As soon as these gorgeous Stiletto Ankle Boots* from Shoe Zone arrived on my doorstep, I was ridiculously excited to style them. They're classic and sophisticated, and I can picture myself wearing them with so many different outfits! I wanted to write a 'day to night' post to show you guys just how versatile a good pair of black ankle boots can be, as they are the perfect wardrobe staple for any occasion.

For my daytime look, I paired the boots with my Topshop Joni jeans, Warehouse striped polo-neck (similar) and Debenhams trench. This is such a simple but stylish outfit, and I would class all of the items as staples in my wardrobe, as they can be dressed up or down with anything. I topped off the look with my H&M floppy hat, which I mentioned in my April Favourites.

To transition the look to night, all I had to do was swap the trench for my Mango leather jacket (another wardrobe staple!), add a red cashmere scarf to keep me warm, throw my hair up into a ponytail and apply a coat of my KIKO frosted lipstick in 04

This day to night combination would be so convenient if you only had a few minutes to get yourself ready for an evening after spending the day out, as it doesn't involve struggling out of your jeans or trying to get a top over your head without ruining your hair and make-up. It's amazing how much you can change a look by simply swapping outerwear and accessories! I try to keep quite a minimalist wardrobe of clothes that can be worn in a variety of ways, so I hardly ever wear the same outfit twice or in the same way, keeping my fashion choices stylish and exciting but also affordable!

I thought I'd include a few closer shots of the boots so you can really appreciate how lovely they are! For stilettos, I found them remarkably comfortable and I think I could manage short distances and standing in them, which is more than can be said for a lot of my shoe collection! I love their elegant pointed toe and the curve of the sole, and I think the gold zip adds a bit of detail to set them apart from your average black boot.

I couldn't really not include this photo as I look so intensely excited, but I hope you liked the outfits I put together! Let me know if you'd like me to do more fashion posts like this one, and I'll get on it in the summer after my exams!

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  1. i think both outfit looks great for the night! you looks gorgeous!

    The Color Palette

  2. Love those boots, and I agree they would work really well with so many different outfits!

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the boots - such a versatile must-have in your wardrobe! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. I refuse to believe that they are from shoe zone! So fabulous!

    Glam night look over at-

  5. I can not believe those boots are from shoe zone! They are gorgeous, probably a 100% possibility of me purchasing them next time I go shopping!
    I'd love to do fashion blog posts, apprehensive about taking photos of myself modelling though!
    Really enjoyed reading your blog post and I definitely think you should do more!!


  6. Absolutely in love with these shoes and your outfits!! Definitely makes me want to go and get my own pair.

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