Tuesday 10 March 2015

February in Photos

February has absolutely flown by, but when I think back over it I realise I have done so much! At the beginning of the month, my lovely French exchange student came to visit, bringing smiles, gifts (post here) and lots of difficult vocabulary! We ended up being really close friends and I'm so excited to visit her in France at the end of March. Obviously, February also means Valentine's Day! Although my boyfriend and I both believe you should show someone you care every day, we still had a lovely time at a patisserie and an Indian restaurant, enjoying each others' company and lots of lovely food! I made a post on my outfit, makeup and what we did, which you can see here. I have been getting my butt in gear when it comes to revision for my A levels, as I had a bit of an awful realisation about how close my exams actually are! February has been a very exciting month in terms of this blog too, I reached 500 Bloglovin' followers, attended my first ever blogger event (Smashbox and Bumble & Bumble), hit 10,000 page views, as well as interacting with some lovely bloggers over Twitter! If you'd like to have regular updates on my day-to-day life (mostly food I'll be honest) please follow my Instagram (@jodievoss)!

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  1. Loving all these photos. Well done for hitting 500 followers.

    Jenn from jenniferjayne.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Lovely photos. Congratulations on 500 followers and 10,000 page views :) Ali | The Chic Times Magazine xx

  3. This is such a sweet post! Congratulations on reaching 500 followers! You take some beautiful pictures, I wish I was good at taking photos, although that's something I need to improve on! X
    Tabitha - amour-tabitha.blogspot.co.uk x

    1. Aw thank you! Haha I guess we can all always improve in certain areas, although I'm sure your photos are great! x

  4. Really nice photos, I love this idea for a post but I don't think I post often enough or do anything THAT interesting. Maybe one day!

    Sam, SPRKSAM

  5. Such gorgeous imagery 😊🙌💖 a lovely post to read x