Friday 6 March 2015

Easter & Mothers Day with #LUSHCardiff

I was recently invited to the #LUSHCardiff Blogger Event to find out about their Easter & Mothers Day ranges. I was so excited as LUSH is actually one of my most used brands; I have tried everything from their cleansers to shampoos to shower gels to face masks to perfumes to bath bombs (you get the picture) and have loved every product. The thing I love the most about LUSH is their policy against all forms of animal testing and also the fact that they use natural ingredients, so it really feels like you're treating your face/body/hair well. I'm just going to feature my absolute favourites from each of the ranges as LUSH have really outdone themselves this year with loads of products to choose from!
I was most excited about the Easter range as I love all things to do with Spring and the event itself; bunnies, carrots, flowers, eggs, you name it! LUSH always brings out such an amazing collection of products to mark the festivity and they're without doubt the most adorable designs ever!

The first thing which caught my eye was Golden Egg as it was possibly the sparkliest thing I have ever seen. It is a mixture between a bath bomb and a bath melt and contains Fair Trade Columbian cocoa butter to make your skin super-soft.  The scent is honey/toffee - two of my favourite things in the world, so this is definitely up there in my favourite products, especially because it leaves you covered in golden glitter.

I thought the Bunch of Carrots was so cute that I just had to mention it! You use them by running them under the tap or swirling them in your bath, so each one lasts for a while (the lady we were with suggested 10-15 which is impressive!) AND you get 3 per pack when you buy. They create "tropical bubbles" and the scent includes lemon and grapefruit, so I can imagine they would leave you feeling very refreshed. I think I'll definitely be heading back to purchase these closer to Easter as they seem like amazing value for money!

LUSH is always a go-to for me at Mothers Day as I know I can rely on them to create fantastic products which my mum will always love. This year is no different, they have a wide range of bath bombs, shower gels and also ready-wrapped gift sets (very convenient!) which any mother would love.

I loved the look of the Yummy Mummy shower gel, partly because it was a lovely lilac colour I'll admit, but also because we were told it makes your skin really soft, and we had a demonstration to prove it! I always use LUSH shower gels because they are reliable and always smell insanely amazing and often have more interesting themes than your standard Boots shower gels.

We were also shown the Secret Garden bath bomb which creates this gorgeous intense green and pink colour in water. I can recall my mum having to lure me into the bath when I was younger using LUSH bath bombs and nothing has really changed!

We had a quick look at the perfume range as they have brought out some new ones recently. I have 3 favourites which I am dying to get my hands on! Sun is a gorgeous refreshing orange scent, Karma (which I have had before and loved) is a beautiful musky scent which always makes me feel mysterious and classy, and Kerbside Violet (a new addition) reminded me of Parma Violet sweets, a childhood favourite which brings back a lot of happy memories!

The event itself was so fun to attend - they treated us with lemonade and some yummy Easter themed treats! The staff were so helpful and informative, and I'd like to give a big shout-out to Hope who took us round and explained all of the products to us in a very enthusiastic manner which made me even more excited about it all!

Generously, LUSH gave me some exciting goodies to take home with me and try. I was SO happy I got a Golden Egg bath bomb, possibly my favourite product out of both of the two ranges! I was also given a Secret Garden bath bomb and a Yummy Mummy shower gel, both of which were also up there in my top picks! I can't wait to relax in a warm bath with one of these bath bombs, a face mask and a good book.
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  1. Hey, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, details are on my post here: Rated In Beauty
    Hannah xx

  2. That golden egg looks insanely good! I'll deffs be popping down to my local Lush to pick that up! Who doesn't love a bit of glitter!

    1. Eeek I know, I can't resist anything that sparkles! x

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  4. i love all the products! especially the carrots

    from helen at

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    1. I was so excited about the carrots and I'm intending to go back and get them!