Wednesday 1 March 2017

What it's like being Welsh at an English University

In honour of St David's Day, I thought I'd share with you what it's like to be Welsh and study at an English University. My hometown is Cardiff and I study at the University of Exeter, known for its middle-class, private-schooled, home county population, so it can't really get more typically "English" than that!

  1. You'll be greeted when you return home with "you sound posh".
  2. Don't even get me started on the sheep-shagger jokes.
  3. They'll go crazy when you tell them "microwave" is "popty-ping" in Welsh.
  4. Chances are, you have a far higher alcohol tolerance than them.
  5. They'll literally show the football in pubs instead of the rugby.
  6. They'll ask you to say "that long train station name".
  7. "Have you met Tom Jones?" No. Have you met the Queen?
  8. They'll only know Cardiff and "that place where Gavin & Stacey was filmed".
  9. You'll be more patriotic on St David's Day than you were in reception.
  10. You'll instantly befriend all fellow Welshies you come across. Unless they're from the Valleys.
  11. Yes, I can speak Welsh. No, I will not say anything in Welsh for you.
  12. You didn't study any on the same things at A-level, because all your subjects were on WJEC.
  13. You have to stay very, very quiet during Wales V England in the Six Nations.
  14. Uttering the words "lush" or "cwtch" will bring you unwanted attention at pre drinks.
  15. You can't avoid being obnoxious when Wales beat England at something.
  16. "Wales isn't a country, it's a principality". F**k off.
  17. If you tell a guy on a night out that you're Welsh, you get a certain kind of look back...
  18. You won't be able to buy Welsh cakes anywhere. Not even on St David's Day.
  19. We are not English.
  20. Dinner is lunch and tea is dinner and that's that.

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  1. This is a really entertaining list, I especially enjoyed number five and twenty. I wish you make more of these kinds of list, I'm sure everyone would love to see them.

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