Saturday 13 February 2016

Top 5 Travel Essentials

I have been going a bit holiday-crazy recently as I've booked my first ever holiday with my boyfriend for July this year. So, when I was contacted by HomeAway and challenged to think of my top 5 travel essentials which I couldn't be without, I was well up for it!
The first thing I'd never forget to pack is a large, stylish pair of sunglasses. These will protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from sun damage, as well as covering up the fact that you're not wearing make-up (I never do on holiday!) and possibly those tired, hangover eyes which result from staying all-inclusive and having access to as much alcohol as you want.

Secondly, I always take a few light, flowy sundresses which can be thrown over a bikini as a cover-up during the day, but can also double up in the evening as something appropriate for dinner. You can change it up in the evening by adding a cardigan and heels, so it won't even look like the same dress!

Recently, I purchased a bluetooth speaker which connects to my phone and amplifies the music. This would be perfect to take on holiday with a group on friends, so you can play some holiday hits whilst sunbathing on the beach, or while getting ready in your hotel room.

I never go away without taking my camera. A lot of the best memories I have are from my past holidays and I love to capture every moment so I can look back on them. I always take loads of snaps of everyone I'm with, as well as the hotel and landscape to remind myself of the beautiful places I've been. I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places in my lifetime, including China, Australia and Iceland, and one of my favourite things to do is to go back through the photos I took and relive the experiences all over again!

Finally, I would highly recommend using facial sunblock whilst being exposed to the sun - you'll thank yourself in a few years time when your skin remains tight and doesn't go as wrinkly! Although having a tan is lovely, I'd much rather not have saggy skin in the future. After all, you can find loads of moisturisers with a self-tanning element in them, to help you fake a holiday glow!

The Florida Panhandle is one of  HomeAway's most popular destinations for a unique alternative to a typical beach vacation. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think of it!

Please let me know in the comments below which 5 things would be at the top of your list for taking on holiday! I'd also love to know where you're all jetting off to this summer!
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