Saturday 27 February 2016

LUSH Spring 2016

Every season I look forward to going along to the LUSH event in my local store (@LushCardiff) where I get an exclusive peek at all the products which are new in. Probably my favourite collection of products comes out in the spring, as I am a huge fan of sweet scents and you can't have Easter products without them!

There are two new soaps in LUSH for the Spring, the first of which is called Sunrise. Its scent matches its brightness in colour, and it fills your senses with tangerine and mandarin. It was very soft to the touch and seems as if it would be extremely moisturising to the skin.

The second soap was called Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and we were all blown away by how breathtakingly stunning it looks. It has a rainbow of colours with silver sparkles running throughout. I was so in love with it that I asked Lorna how much the entire thing would cost! ( was over £200)

We looked at the bubble bars next, and I was drawn to this cute little Ladybird! It has the most beautiful scent - sweet but with notes of peppermint - and would be perfect to use in the mornings to perk you up. It creates lots of bubbles, as you can see below, and can also be reused.

The Ultraviolet bubble bar would be perfect for a night time relax in he bath before bed or a night out. It has a rich scent with notes of jasmine and is very calming and a little bit sultry.

Now, anyone who knows me knows full well that I am obsessed with all things sparkly, and all things sweet. The Golden Egg bath bomb melt combines the two, turning the bath water into liquid gold and sending out beautiful scents of caramel, butter and chocolate. Plus, it is made using cocoa butter so makes your skin gorgeously soft.

My favourite gift set of the new collection has got to be Happy Mother's Day, as it puts together some lovely gifts to create a real treat for someone special. It contains the Sunflower bubble bar which literally smells like lemon sherbet, and the gift comes in a plant pot with seets so it can be reused to grow lovely flowers.

LUSH have got really innovative this time around and created some three-use bath bombs. They are in the shape of an egg and the idea is that you crack them open on the bath to create two halves and something on the inside, to be used in three separate baths. My favourite was the Humpty Dumpty shape as it had an adorable little fried egg inside!
I'd just like to thank the team at LUSH Cardiff for making our evening so fun and special, especially Lorna who is always buzzing with energy and makes me want to buy every single product!
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  1. This looks so much fun! I love the look of the Ultravoilet bubble bar x

    Abi | abistreetx

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