Saturday, 23 January 2016

My Everyday Rose Gold Jewellery

I am definitely minimalistic when it comes to jewellery, as I love having a small collection of absolutely beautiful, delicate pieces which I adore and wear everyday. It is also important to me that my staple jewellery carries some meaning, so I really cherish it as special. Although it's a modern day cliché, I love rose gold and so all of the pieces I wear on a daily basis are a matching rose gold.

Firstly, I wear a DKNY Rose Gold Plated Watch which my parents kindly bought for me after receiving my GCSE exam results of 8 A*s and 6 As. I wear it every day without fail and would be totally lost without it as I have a slight obsession with knowing what time it is all the time. I especially love wearing it in exams because it reminds me "you can do this Jodie".
For Christmas, my boyfriend Ethan very kindly bought me a Ted Baker Rose Gold Heart Earrings & Necklace Set. He knows Ted Baker is my all-time favourite brand and also of my obsession with rose gold, and it really was the perfect gift (I squealed a lot!). I love wearing these every day, as seeing them makes me smile, just like he does.
Lastly, I wear a Kate Spade Rose Gold Bangle which is engraved with "Stop And Smell The Roses". My parents bought this for me as a Christmas gift after I had described it to them - they had to search high and low for it and ended up having to order it from Bloomingdales as it was out of stock everywhere in the UK! I love reading the hidden message inside to myself, as it reminds me to take a step back every now and then to appreciate life itself and everything I am lucky enough to have.

Are there any staple pieces in your own jewellery collection which you wear every single day? I'd love to see them below and hear about what they mean to you!

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  1. I loved this post, I myself wear smaller pieces everyday. I love the rose gold necklace it's so pretty! I wear my Tiffany heart and key necklace & my pandora bracelet both from my boyfriend. I think having smaller and more personally pieces with a story behind is so much nicer in my opinion, I also really lived your Kate spade bangle the little message is really sweet!


  2. I love rose gold jewellery! I have a DKNY watch that I wear everyday to! I've also been looking for a rose gold kate spade bangle but Ive also found it so hard to find them in stock! I love the necklace and earrings to!

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