Saturday 3 October 2015

September Favourites

September has been incredibly stressful and most of my time has been focused on settling back into my college routine for my final year of sixth-form college and my A2 exams, so blogging has unfortunately not really been a priority for me. I have however managed to find a few products I have been going back to time and time again over the course of the month, so naturally I just had to share them with you guys!

For my French A-level I have to put together an exposé to present in the oral exam. I have chosen to base it on the film Paris, Je T'aime which is a compilation of 18 short films depicting love stories in different arrondissements of the city of love. Everything about this film is perfect to me, especially the way it tells stories of a hugely diverse range of people, linking them together with the basic human emotion of love.
I am a huge advocate of simple, minimalistic style and I believe you can never go wrong with a pair of black leather court heels. They add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit, even if you're just pairing them with ripped jeans and a white tee! Mine are from the New Look comfort range and are made out of real leather, so they are the perfect combination of comfort, quality and style!
I have been trying to make healthier choices this month, as my spree of all-inclusive buffets and a daily ice cream has unfortunately come to an end. I find I have higher energy and concentration levels when I pay attention to what I'm consuming, which is important when you're in full-time education while also juggling a part-time job, a blog and a social life! I've really been loving Salted Caramel Green Tea by Twinings, because as much as I want to like green tea it's just a little too bitter for my sweet tooth! The flavour just makes a subtle difference and doesn't compromise the health benefits green tea brings.
I went to the #PartyAtTheAngel Welsh blogger event earlier this month, which was such a fun experience! I had the chance to meet lots of like-minded people, have a look at some brands and, obviously, dress up! One of my favourite people in the entire world, known as Welsh Girl Problems to you, was there with a little stall which I just HAD to pick up some things from! My favourite was a mirror with the slogan "Lookin' Lush" on the back, which will be perfect for whipping out of my handbag for touch-ups on the go! All of the products are really affordable and cute, and her actual blog is so unbelievably relatable on so many levels (so basically just go and check her out rn)!
Another product I got at #PartyAtTheAngel, this time kindly donated by Beauty Crowd for the goody bags, was a Milani blush in the shade Tea Rose. It is the most gorgeous muted, dusty pink for any occasion, applies like a dream and comes in the most gorgeous rose shaped design! I can't believe the range of products and brands the store manages to sell, and I'll definitely be making it a regular stop on my shopping trips in Cardiff from now on!
My all-time favourite nail varnishes are those of Rimmel's Rita Ora collection. The formula is incredibly thick and creamy meaning I only need to apply one coat, and it hardly chips whatsoever, lasting me well over a week which is an incredible feat! The colour range is right up my street, from pastel blues and purples to more muted neutrals. My favourite shade this month has been "Rain Rain Go Away", a gorgeous taupe colour which is appropriate for everyday wear at work and school.
My final favourite has been an absolute lifesaver this month, getting me through long days at college with no plug sockets in sight. It is a RAVPower portable charger which incredibly holds up to 6 full iPhone charges! I've just been carrying it around in my college bag so I have it to hand whenever that dreaded "20% battery left" alert strikes! It is currently reduced from £89.99 to £16.99 on Amazon so I would HIGHLY recommend ordering it right now!

I hope you all had a lovely September, even if it did involve returning to school! Let me know what your favourite product has been this month in the comments below, I challenge you to refine it to just one ultimate favourite! If you fancy winning some free haircare products, head over to this recent post, where I talk about natural products which really work!

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