Saturday 2 April 2016

My Visit to the LUSH Spa (Bath)

On Wednesday my mum and I had a "be kind to yourself" day and booked ourselves in for two treatments each at the LUSH Spa in Bath. 
For our first treatment, we both had a Validation Facial. The therapists began by asking us for two words to describe how we wanted our skin to feel, and two words we wanted to feel in our minds. I chose clear and radiant for my skin, and confident and de-stressed for my mind, whereas my mum chose smooth and clear for her skin and happy and bright for her mind. By doing this, the therapists were able to tailor our treatment to exactly what we wanted to get out of it, which is something I have never seen done in a spa before but made the experience that much more special for us. We were taken upstairs to the shop floor to pick out which products we wanted them to use in our facial, and they explained the ingredients and benefits of each in detail. Then, we were taken to our joint treatment room and we got ready by slipping into a heated massage bed. From the moment the treatment started, I was whisked away to a dream-like state with the soft hands of my therapist, who used different temperatures and techniques to completely relax, detoxify, hydrate and pamper my skin. The whole treatment was perfectly in time with the music which they told us afterwards had been custom-made differently by musicians for each treatment. When the treatment was over, I looked in the mirror and my skin was genuinely glowing, from the inside out (and with a little help from the Million Dollar Moisturiser!)

We both chose different body treatments, with my mum picking The Good Hour to get rid of her knots and aches, wheras I opted for The Comforter? because I simply couldn't resist the promise of being "drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music". As soon as I entered my treatment room I was blown away - the ceiling was purple and pink and covered with tiny stars. My massage bed this time was topped with a heated duvet to slip under, which felt as if I was getting into a cosy bed. The massage was choreographed to a soundtrack of playful, uplifting songs including a cover of "Pure Imagination" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which really summed up the treatment! I was scrubbed gently with a hot chocolate scrub which was deliciously decadent, then had hot rose serum dripped onto my body and massaged in using a rolling technique which was just right to make me feel relaxed and uplifted. At one point in the treatment, my head was lifted up to see bubbles drifting across the room, which made the whole experience even more magical. When the treatment was over, I had a sweet candyfloss treat waiting for me outside.

My mum said her massage was probably the best full body massage she has ever had, and that the therapist really worked out all of her knots, leaving her feeling light again. We both sat and relaxed for a while, making the most of the quiet relaxing atmosphere and of the products on offer in the bathroom which you are free to use, which included lip scrubs, balms and tints, cleansers, hand creams, make-up and even had a shower with LUSH products lining the walls! When we were ready to leave, we made our way back up to the shop floor and picked up a few products to go away with, including the Million Dollar Moisturiser which I fell so deeply in love with after my facial!

We both had the most amazing experiences in the LUSH spa and will definitely be back for more in the future! If you're looking for a way to treat yourself or a loved one, I'd really recommend booking yourself in (or buying someone a gift card for a treatment!) I was surprised at the prices for such an intense, tailor-made treatment with such beautiful natural products, as spa treatments in hotels can be much more pricey for less.
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  1. This seriously sounds amazing!! I love the whole idea and I think I'm going to try and convince my mum to come with me.. Not that it will take much convincing ;) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Oo I will have to do this for me and my mum for her birthday, she would love a day in Bath and a facial too!

    Meme xx
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