Saturday 21 November 2015

LUSH Winter 2015 Range

Last week I was invited to attend the LUSH Winter 2015 product launch along with lots of other bloggers from the Cardiff area. It was a lovely evening filled with amazing scents, extremely soft hands and lots of smiles and giggles between us girls and the Lush Ladies! We got the opportunity to smell, test and take photographs of the new Christmas product range, which definitely got me into the festive spirit despite it still being November! In this post I have featured a few of my favourite products, but if you want to see the full range I would highly recommend visiting a store near you to have a little sniff around!

Lorna guided me around for the evening, and the first thing she ran to was the Santa's Belly Shower Jelly, as the Cardiff store had just received a huge Santa's Belly to slap! Lorna was thoroughly enjoying this as you can see above.
The next product I looked at was the new Christingle Body Conditioner. It is basically an in-shower moisturiser which softens your skin and takes out the need to moisturise after showering, which means you don't have to stand out in the cold for too long before getting into your pyjamas! It has a fresh spearmint scent which is perfect for perking you up on a winter morning.

It wouldn't be a Lush Christmas without Snow Fairy Shower Gel! I can't remember a year in which I haven't received a huge bottle of this under the tree, as I am a huge fan of the infamous sweet scent!

Another new product to the range is the Cranberry Face Mask, which is a lovely creamy consistency and a gorgeous dusty pink colour. Apparently it is fantastic for drawing out impurities from your skin, something I'm always a fan of!

Lorna knew exactly what I'd be drawn to in terms of beauty products at Lush, as I think every time she has met me I've been wearing red lipstick! The Santa Baby Lip Tint is literally my perfect product - it smells and tastes amazing for those kisses under the mistletoe and it'll stay on all night due to the tint feature, so you can party until the early hours! 

Another product which caught my eye was the Key Lime Pie Lip Balm, because it is literally green in the tin! However, I was reassured that this colour doesn't transfer to your lips, so you are just left with a layer of hydration and the fantastic taste and smell of key lime pie!

My favourite new soap had to be the Baked Alaska, as it was a lovely sweet citrus scent and the most amazing colour on the inside!

Lorna was definitely a fan of the Peeping Santa Bubble Bar, which can be used multiple times to soften your bath water with cocoa butter and turn it a lovely Christmassy red colour, as well as obviously creating a huge layer of bubbles when run under a tap!

One of my personal favourite bath bombs this year is called Shoot For The Stars. It turns the water a gorgeous deep blue with highlights of pink and yellow, contains glittery stars and smells like honey! What more could a girl ask for?

The new Stardust bath bombs absolutely blew my mind - they're a pristine white star shape on the outside but when put into water they reveal lots of tiny multi-coloured stars into your bath!

As mentioned earlier, my love for the Snow Fairy scent makes the Magic Wand bubble bar my ideal present! Like all bubble bars, it can used multiple times by being swirled underneath running water, and makes the bath pink and glittery which is basically what I am about as a person.

My final favourite bath bomb is So White, themed on Disney's Snow White. It has a crisp apple scent and is white on the outside but dissolves slowly to reveal a gorgeous pink/red centre!

You can purchase every single Lush Christmas 2015 product in their WOW! gift set for £155, which would be the ultimate present to make a girl (or boy) happy!

Last but not least, Lush has released a couples gift set called Under the Mistletoe, which is perfect for a cosy, sensual night in with your loved one...

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Lush Cardiff for giving us such a warm welcome and fun night, and I can't wait to see you next time! 

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